Profiling ‘The Healing Power of Flowers’ by Claire Bowen and Éva Németh

Florist and author Claire Bowen began her floral journey working as an events florist, covering weddings, funerals, installations and more. Claire now runs seasonal floristry classes and one-to-one workshops from her studio in Oxfordshire, Honeysuckle & Hilda, and as a guest florist at Daylesford farm.

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One of the beautiful and informative entries in Claire Bowen’s book ‘The Healing Power of Flowers’.

Her book ‘The Healing Power of Flowers’, published in conjunction with photographer Éva Németh, features your favourite flowers grouped by their purpose – for love, for joy, for luck, for calm, to console, and to celebrate.

Discover their traditional meanings, holistic benefits, and when flowers are in season so that they can be sourced locally with a minimal carbon footprint. Find out how to care for your blooms to keep them vibrant, how to create beautiful bouquets to share, and how to dry and press your flowers to make decorative keepsakes.

By creating thoughtful personal bouquets or choosing a flower for its meaning, its natural energy, or holistic property, you can bring the benefits of the natural world back into your home, your workplace, and into the lives of loved ones.

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To order The Healing Power of Flowers, click on the link here, or order through Waterstone’s or Amazon.

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