British Flowers and Healing Plants at Highclere Castle

Lady Carnarvon’s gardens at Highclere Castle are abundant with British flowers and plants.

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British Flowers Week theme this year is ‘Healing’ and how life enhancing it is to spend time amongst plants and flowers. She is a passionate advocate of their contribution to well-being and ability to raise the spirits of beholders.

Seven years ago, Lady Carnarvon planted a Healing Herb Garden near the Courtyard for Highclere’s visitors to enjoy.  In the middle of the garden a wonderful sun dial sits surrounded by fragrant beds of lavender and box hedges planted in the shape of two “C’s” that stands for Comus Carnarvon.

Within the beds of the Healing Herb Garden are both common and unusual herbs from Sage and Rosemary to Sweet Woodruff, Angelica and Lemon Balm.

Lady Carnarvon’s favourite flowers include Irises. She says the beauty of each individual flower is enchanting.  Lady Carnarvon plants a lot of Salvias as they work very well in the borders. Alliums are also a favourite, along with Peonies, Lupins and Roses. She created a scented rose arbour in memory of her mother that flowers over a long period of time to give pleasure to visitors.

Highclere has an Orangery where there are an abundance of flowers growing for cut flowers in the castle as well as others for planting out. 

The castle also makes Highclere Castle Gin. Juniper has grown in the grounds since the days of the Romans. The botanicals are influenced by the castle’s gardens, including juniper, lime flower, orange peel, lemons, rosemary and lavender. It makes for a perfect summer British G&T, or Martini.

Find Lady Carnarvon and Highclere castle on Instagram @highclerecastle and website

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