‘A British Urn Design’ by Tattie Isles of Tattie Rose Flowers.

Our fifth and final workshop of #BritishFlowersWeek is here. Watch as Tattie Isles from Tattie Rose Flowers shows us how to create an elegant urn design using British flowers and foliage. Tattie beautifully explains how flowers can evoke emotion and feeling so why it’s important to decide how you want to make people feel when they look at your design. The urn design has captured the feeling of gentle, loose and wild yet sophisticated and elegant so perfectly.

About Tattie Rose Flowers

Tattie Isles, along with her husband Fred, are the founders of Tattie Rose Flowers. Working alongside a small and highly skilled team specialising in services and commissions for parties, events and weddings. Tattie and her team create spectacular displays that are designed and curated from their rural workshop in Dorset, along with a small workshop in London.

Knowledge, determination, attention to detail, a passion for design, and a sense of fun are at the core of Tattie Rose Flowers. The team all bring their skills together to create work that tell stories and move people with their scale and drama whilst retaining a humble root and sense of belonging thanks to the raw ingredients which they work with.

Visit their website here: www.tattieroseflowers.co.uk

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