British Flowers Week 2019 – Meet Rowan Lewis, Rowan Blossom

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Our final florist taking part in this year’s British Flowers Week is Rowan Lewis from Rowan Blossom.

1. Why are you excited to be involved in creating a British Flowers Week installation at The Garden Museum?

It’s such an honour to be involved in British Flowers Week alongside such wonderful florists whom I hugely admire. And I’m really excited to see how we will all approach and interpret the theme and space. Rather shamefully, I only became aware of the Garden Museum late last year (I blame being a West Londoner!) and was transfixed by the serenity and sacred beauty of the space. I have loved learning more about the heritage of the museum and feel so grateful to have the opportunity to exhibit in a place so enriched with a tapestry of garden history.

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2. Why do you feel that British Flowers Week is important?

In my work, I always endeavour to champion British flowers particularly in the summer months when they are so readily available at New Covent Garden Market. British Flowers Week is incredibly important as it highlights the tenacity and hard work that British flower growers put into their work. Growers all over the UK dedicate themselves to their blooms year round, even through the bitter winter months, all to ensure their flowers are abundant and as glorious as they can be. So I think it’s only right that one week a year is dedicated to them. As for the flowers themselves, I find British flowers incomparably beautiful. There is almost a heightened sense of beauty to them – the vivacity of colour, delicious scents, a delicacy and sometimes fragility – it is an intoxicating combination.

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3. Please could you share with us some details about your installation?

I chose to exhibit in the Orangery as I loved the natural light in this area. And of course the proximity to the garden and the amazing café was a real lure too! The installation will be a discovery, tucked into one of the alcoves, a place which I hope will encourage visitors to take a moment to stop, reflect and interact with what we’ve created. I’ve tried to create a narrative around the journey from garden to Living With Flowers. In terms of palette, I’m embracing a full spectrum – no colour is discounted, as I want this to feel as natural and real as possible.

Rowan Lewis Rowan Blossom British Flowers Week 2019 Photographer James Stopforth 1.jpg

4. The theme this year is Memories. Please could you tell us what your memories are and how they’re reflected in your installation?

Growing up in the Cotswolds, my childhood was entrenched in its lovely bucolic settings – garden roses spilling over honey-coloured stone, pastures green as far as the eye can see. Distinct memories such as catching grasshoppers in the meadow, dreamy long picnic lunches nestled beneath the orchard, and sewing seeds in the cutting border have always stuck with me and become an essential emotion I try to capture. This installation will echo these memories. And I’m delighted to be able to be use genuine Cotswolds-grown flowers and foliage in my exhibit thanks to my collaboration with Kate’s Cutting Patch.

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Thank you so much Rowan. We’re so looking forward to see your installation next week!

In the meantime, if you’d like to more images of her floral creations, simply pop over to the Rowan Blossom Instagram account.

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(Images: James Stopforth)


Official Media Partner for British Flowers Week 2019 at the Garden Museum

Official Media Partner for British Flowers Week 2019 at the Garden Museum


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