British Flowers Week 2019 – Meet Carly Rogers, Carly Rogers Flowers


Our third florist to be featured in this year’s British Flowers Week campaign is Carly Rogers from Carly Rogers Flowers.

1. Why are you excited to be involved in creating a British Flowers Week installation at The Garden Museum?

I’ve been visiting the Garden Museum since I was a kid and used to love to sit on the old stone benches in the sun. I’ve been visiting more as an adult and since the amazing re design. It’s just such a beautiful space, and has a very tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. It’s a hub for all the plant and flower lovers in London.

Carly Rogers JR_181019_Flora_Finales_Arqueologico_(Baja)_01.jpg

2. Why do you feel that British Flowers Week is important?

It’s a fantastic celebration of British flowers and foliage, and highlights just what an amazing selection there is available to us on our doorsteps. The fact that British flowers are so seasonally dependent just adds to their beauty and uniqueness.

British Flowers 2019 Week Carly Rogers 2.jpg

3. Please could you share with us some details about your installation?

I’m aiming to create a chunky curved planted path of trees, wild flowers, grasses and foliage. A very wild and ultra naturalistic style. The effect will be as if it’s been literally cut out of the ground and left on the floor of the museum, complete with tarpaulin and lifting blocks.

Carly Rogers Sketch-Mayfair-Flowershow-Detail-2017.jpg

4. The theme this year is Memories. Please could you tell us what your memories are and how they’re reflected in your installation?

Memories and ‘nature’ are so intertwined I think. I’m always more inspired by the quiet and simple aspects of nature and how we interact with it on a very basic human level. The very simple acts of blowing dandelion stems and making daisy chains. A walk in the park, grasses, trees, fallen leaves are all exquisitely beautiful to me. More so sometimes than the most blousy and colourful flower.

I’d like to create a ‘moment’ of that walk within the Garden Museum, almost like a flashback. A piece of wild nature transported into the museum. Seemingly out of context yet very familiar.

British Flowers 2019 Week Carly Rogers 1.jpg

Thank you so much Carly. We’re so looking forward to the unveiling of your naturalistic design!

If you’d like to find out more about this Camberwell based artist’s work, visit the Carly Rogers Flowers website. And for yet more images of her floral creations, simply follow her on Instagram.

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Official Media Partner for British Flowers Week 2019 at the Garden Museum

Official Media Partner for British Flowers Week 2019 at the Garden Museum


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